Monday, April 20, 2015

No Soda Week

Ever tried to quit a habit that was so hard to stop it made you scream? I'm trying. 

The latest scoreboard:

Weekend = No soda. Win
Monday = No soda. Win. Win.

And there are good reasons why it started to work.

I casually read diet and nutrition stuff. I listen to podcasts like Fat Burning Man, Half Size Me (it's kinda girly but I still get a lot out of it), and Bulletproof Radio. And they don't all agree with each other on the best ways to lose weight. 

But one thing they all agree on (the blogs, the podcasts, and the books) is that drinking sugar is really bad for us.

It's starting to sink in.

And so I haven't imbibed over the last three days. 

But I did every day last week. Half a soda each day. Dang it. 

And my weight isn't budging down. Not an ounce.

And I mean I posted and everything about how to start a new habit in one day. Remember that? And I believe it. But I didn't have enough foundation in place to make it work.

And my wonderful new habit lasted for like one day. Maybe two.

So why go through the humiliation of writing about it.

Because I KNOW that I will beat it. And I know that some of you are trying to beat it too. And I know that you will.

This is a struggle. 

And we don't all do this the same way.

I went six months with out drinking a soda. It wasn't hard at all after a few days.

Then, I did drink.

And quickly I reset my body and mind to desire the soda. And that's why that one bite or drink can turn the whole thing south. It resets what your body wants. 

I want to set that switch back to the position where I don't have that desire.

What am I doing to get back on track?

  1. I'm very clear in my head that this is something I don't want to do.
  2. Get a lot of sleep.
  3. Keep a bag of apples in the desk.
  4. Read and listen to everyone about drinking sugar.
  5. Writing about it.
  6. Eating lots of good food. Back on the green smoothies.
And I feel so much better right now than I usually do at the end of a Monday of teaching.

Write comments about your efforts. 

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