Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blogging = Sucking Wind (at first)

Note: I have an issue (more than one, but I'll just stick to this one for now). When I blog about a topic, I seem to get worse at it. I've been writing at since April '14. I started to notice a pattern. If I write, I struggle with that very thing I'm writting about, that week.

It's like I have a gremlin messing with me. But the gremlin is me. My head.

This week, I have shown how to NOT start a weight loss program. 

  • Eat fast food. 
  • Eat too much at a sitting.
Those two things right there can mess it all up even if everything else is right.

And here's the deal, most everything else is right with the plan. 

  1. Started the day with green smoothies - except one day.
  2. Exercised more than 10 minutes daily average. (except on Wednesday)
  3. Started a food log - but it needs work because I ate some meals that = no can count.
  4. Wrote daily. 
  5. Weighed in daily. 
On the weighing in daily, I know the advice-givers are all over the map on this. I have found it to be successful for me as long as I just look at the number as information. It's information. It's one part of the puzzle. 

Today I weighed 190. This week I weighed as low as 186. Most days - 188. 

I think tomorrow, I'll see 188 again. 

In other words week 1 = no weight loss. 

But that's okay. It really helps me focus on exactly what I need to do.

Eating fast food is really not going to work. Eating double dinners does not work. Sticking to the plan will work.

Right now I have to ask myself  - "Do I really want to lose 15 pounds?" And the real answer is - "Yes." I really do.

Goals for this coming week:

  1. Reduce my coffee intake. I really think coffee is making me hungry. (does anyone else have that problem and if you do, what do YOU do about it?)
  2. No fast food. 
  3. Get five days in a row on the food log. 
  4. Keep doing the things that ARE working.
Let me hear from you.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Wah wah wah waaaaah

Fell off the wagon.

'Nuff said.

188 lbs this AM.

Taking deep breathe. Tomorrow is another day. 

In fact there is still the rest of today. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Back Up to 188

If I sound depressed as I'm writing this, don't worry, I'm not.

I get clarity on my habits of discipline when I am weight losing. Slowly, I begin to see the holes in my thinking. That's what discipline is right? --Thinking. "I think this won't matter." Then, the scale tells me what's up. 

The writing down what I eat really helps me. I didn't finish yesterday's myfitnesspal log yet. Not sure how to do it cause I ate dinner someone else prepared. (I do need to add the M and Ms though.)

Yes, I ate a double dinner.

Drank my green smoothie (which was pink due to the berries). Then, I ate more.

Weigh in this morning: 188.

Also dealing with this: After teaching middle school on Wednesday and Thursday, I tutor a boy who can't come to school. Two hours. And I find I need something to keep my brain going. I want to give him all I have during that time.

I have tried half-caf coffee. Stayed up til 2 AM.

I have tried chocolate. Didn't really work.

I'm going to try some herbs today (Vital Herbs).

I didn't exercise yesterday.

Wednesdays are hard. Leave at 6, get home after 6. Go to church. Get home and go to bed.

I know I can figure how to get 10 minutes in there someway. 

I did a set of push ups at lunchtime. But that's not 10 minutes.

I would enjoy reading your comments. How do you deal with this stuff?

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coffee Make You Hungry Too?

620 calories is a lot in one sandwich. (Jack in the Box Grilled Breakfast Sandwich) Just looked it up on myfitnesspal.

So, my routine needs tweaking.

I need to do something different with coffee. Coffee makes me feel hungry. After I drink a second cup, I always feel like I need some protein.

My plan is to start cutting back. Here's how.

I'll buy coffee that has 1/2 the caffeine. I like the Community coffee with chicory in it. I'll order 1/2 caf at Java Jacks (my coffee house of choice).

Let's see if that reduces my cravings for protein.

On another note. Yesterday, went home and exercised for 45 minutes on the bouncer.

Yes, I know it's a funny image when you think about 52 year old man bouncing up and down on a minitrampoline in a leotard. Just kidding about the leotard.

On a positive note, the scale said 186 this AM.

Did well on the dinner front last night. One dinner only.

Goal for tomorrow: no snacking on 620 calorie sandwiches from fast food joints.

Did my original list say no fast food?  I'm gonna go look.  There are way better ways to add some protein.

It's all about the planning.

I must admit. When I watched a J in the B commercial last night, I did sense a craving for a breakfast sandwich. More than a craving. Really wanted one.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Conquering the Double Dinner

Day 1 -

Okay yesterday. Did the food right.

Today. I ate two breakfasts. I love coffee. Coffee makes me hungry. Coffee + green smoothie + coffee again = hungry. 

Need to start my morning with green tea instead of that first hit of coffee.

But now to the real deal. Double dinner.

I usually double up on dinner. I need to give myself a little pep talk every evening. Picture good angel on shoulder: "It's okay, you can do this. You don't need another plateful. You aren't really hungry."

So last night, that's what I did.

And I didn't write it down or anything, but it was a good day for food.

Today: not so much.

That math formula above and my instant gratification gene combined to drive me to Subway for the breakfast special.

Which includes a drink.

Yes, I drank a Coke for breakfast.

I see that look of contempt on your collective faces.

I wanted unsweetened iced tea. But they didn't have it made yet.

So, I ordered small, filled it up with ice, poured some of it out.

But I didn't really need the extra 6 inch breakfast sandwich.

Bad habit. Not a daily habit.

But still. I could have talked myself down.

I'm not depressed about it or anything. More must laughing at myself.

Nice first day. By lunchtime, already used up my calories according to myfitnesspal!

I was preloading my lunch items because I knew what they would be, so I decided to not eat the nuts and go light on the dressing. This gave back about 400 calories.

2 more possible fixes. Small dinner tonight (Ooo that will take a big peptalk). Certainly not a double. And some exercise. A little anyway. Can zip through one or two hundred calories on the bouncer. Throw in some push ups, pull ups, leg lifts and squats.

It'll get better.

Eyeing that so called energy bar right now...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Finishing What I Started: Weight Loss

It's been a journey. But it's a journey that stalled about a year ago.

My goal is to weigh 173 pounds. That should put me in the healthy weight category.

I have blogged a good bit about how I lost 40 pounds at I even wrote a few posts about trying to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. I lost seven. Still a win, right. Except, I gained it back. The 7 pounds that is, not the 40!

This blog is a record of me losing the last 15 pounds. I'm not sure how long it will take. But I think 10 weeks is reasonable. 

Here's my plan:
  • Keep a food log for the first five days. I'll use myfitnesspal to help.
  • Weigh myself every morning
  • Blog about it every day (except Sunday)
  • Lay off the processed foods
  • Avoid fried foods
  • No desserts except fresh fruits and foods made out of unprocessed items
  • No soda
  • Exercise six days a week for at least ten minutes. I know that sounds wimpy, but I'll actually exercise more than the 10. This minimum gets me up and going at it
  • I'll tweet about it ( @artfling ) regularly
  • Concentrate on eating my GBOMBS (greens, berries, mushrooms, beans, onions and garlic, seeds and nuts)
  • Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep
Why? Pain. This is me fighting joint pain. This is me dealing with stress. 

As a rule, I expect to start each day with a green smoothie. Green smoothie's are my friend. My weight loss started by consuming a quart of green smoothie everyday. 

I will also eat a salad every day at lunch, and often at dinner time. I am pretty sold on the idea of a plant-based diet, but not vegetarian. I will still eat eggs and meat. 

Fight the White is another post where I laid out my ideas on how to lose weight. 

So why haven't I seen the scale sing 170 something to me yet? 


I think I just said I'm mental. 

Here's the thing: everyone deals with obstacles and road blocks. Getting down to 185 was so cool. I over did the mental patting myself on the back. 

I think it's good to congratulate myself for about five minutes. Then it's time to move on. 

This whole process is about changing my mindset and my habits. New thinking habits and new food habits.

By the way, I don't think I'll write much every day. This may turn out to be the longest post in the series. Truthfully, part of this is just to give myself a topic to write about every day. And this sounds like a challenge and like fun.

Fun. Hmm. And I expect to write about the challenges I am facing. Okay, I'm going to leave out some details to protect my loved ones. 

I'm going to work on my attitude. I'm here to tell you that some days mine really makes a big ole slurping noise. 

Part of the fight we face no matter what the goal is attitude. It's our attitude that makes us want to quit. How do I know? I'm a middle school teacher. I see it every day in kids. I see them quit before the magic happens. 

I invite you to join me. You can follow me here. And I would love to hear what you have to say, if you are so inclined. I could use your encouragement and would love to offer you some of my own.