Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Classroom Workout

We can't always get to our preferred place to workout. That's why I created a workout that teachers can do in their classroom.

Here's how it worked for me yesterday. 

Goal: exercise everyday. Couldn't. Due to an evening appointment, I was at school until 6:30 PM. 

And my mind was tired.

So I turned on the TV and got a little work done. 

Commercial came on - I did push ups. Or squats. 

I break my strength training routine into push days and pull days. Pushes are push ups, dips, squats. Pulls are pull ups, horizontal pull ups, and leg lifts.

Yesterday was a push day. Today is a my-arms-and-chest-are-burning day. But in a good way.

It's one way I know that my workout was effective.

And even when my food is messy messy, I know I can work at keeping fit. 

Right now the food is real messy. Lots of good input, but I'm struggling to really stay on a weight loss food routine.

Exercises You Can Do In Your Classroom (or office?)...

  • Squats - I like doing these in a classroom because there is always a desk to hold on to for starters. I like to hold on for balance when I'm getting everything warmed up.
  • Push Ups - Even in a skirt, this can work. I don't like pushing up from the floor in a classroom, so I work from a desk or table. I slow it way down. This makes each rep count more.
  • Leg lifts. Just sit on a chair or on a desk and lift up your legs. Bend your knees if you need to. If this is too easy for you, slow them down and hold at the top position for 2 seconds.
  • Pull Ups - You will have to get creative to figure this out. I'm talking horizontal pull ups. Sit on the floor and pull up to the edge of a desk. Bend knees or straighten to make it easier or harder. Do them slowly and hold at the top for more difficulty.
And that's the basic workout. If you would like my full write up on how to do this with more details (and I recommend it!), join us at Stress Relief 4 Teachers. I'll send you the details for free. 

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