Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Focus Head

Ever just need a break?

Working your brain to the bone (that just sounds weird) and not seeming to get anywhere.

That's what I feel like with weight loss right now. I'm finding it very hard to focus on it. 

I need some weight loss chats on Twitter or something. 

I love education Twitter chats. I wonder if there are any good weight loss chats. Probably.

It feel like I need to interact with other people on this to get better at it. That's the way teaching is for me. I interact and get good ideas, and I get better. Especially if I listen.

I wanna weigh 173. 

But the more I want it, the harder it is right now.

Here's what I'm gunna do.

  • Write down some ideas.
  • Writing down all the ideas that come to my head.
  • Do the ones I can just start.
  • Next day, make another list.
  • Write down all the ideas jump on me.
  • Do the ones that say, "Right Now," to me.
  • Review and reflect.
  • Rinse and Repeat.
I don't know. Maybe I'm making it too hard.

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