Saturday, May 2, 2015

Said I Would Walk and I Did!

When you have a goal. It's important to get going on even the smallest step. Create the habit that leads to the goal. I like this approach. 

I enjoyed listening to this podcast on the topic of habits.

Start Walking
So yeah, I'm driving home after writing the post on walking and I'm thinking to myself, "I told everyone I was going to start walking again." 

I went home. Found some kids. Three of my boys went on the walk with me. And we walked for a short half hour.

We had a great time. My 17 year old and I discussed his SAT which he was taking the NEXT DAY. 

In other words, it was a very good time, a time with family. 

When we can take something like exercise and make it a family time, that's a win. 

I absolutely love that.

How I Change Things for The Better

  • make a decision to do something - in this case walk five times a week
  • start doing it - ease into it
  • write about the experience 
  • share the time with someone else if possible
  • if I miss a day, work 10 times harder to make it happen the next
If you are having trouble getting some good exercise into your life, try walking. It's a great way to get started. Almost everyone can do it. 

Of course make sure you know that you can do this. Probably the safest way is the check with a doctor first. 

But we are talking about walking here. Nothing strenuous. 

It's your responsibility to know the condition of your health before you start something. So do that. 

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