Monday, May 4, 2015

Working For Peanuts


The smallest thing can bounce me off my trajectory. And I don't think it's the thing itself, it's evidence that my mental game needs work.

So last week my wife got a good deal on peanuts. We have five boys still in the house; she's always looking for a great deal on food that can fill them up.

The lovely Ginger came home with a huge box filled with roasted peanuts. The ones in the shell. 

That's good.

But I need to monitor everything that goes past my gums. And I think I'm battling that notion right now. The everything part.

I want my fat burning factory of a body to swiftly and capably handle every little extra nuisance of fact attraction.


It doesn't work quite that efficiently. 

So my revised plan to tune-up my mental play is this: 

  • Eat peanuts within the context of a meal. 
  • Eat a measured amount so I know what I'm consuming.
  • Keep a food log until I start losing again
  • Keep walking
  • Never miss a Monday (of exercise)
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1 comment:

  1. So I just didn't eat any peanuts last night. But they called out. Oh they did!